Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My six year old son is practicing his reading by randomly grabbing books and sitting down with them.  Last week, he grabbed my copy of  Poems that Live Forever, and I read him and his brother a few poems from it.  It sat on my desk after that, looking at me with a "are you going to pay attention?" expression until I finally picked it back up this morning.

I've had this book for twenty years, at least, and it shows. The dust jacket disappeared years ago. The cover is worn and stained, and the page edges are ruffled from use.  Here and there, within it are pencil markings, sticky notes, pressed flowers and bits of paper marking favorite poems.  One of these marked the poem "My Creed" by Howard Arnold Walter.

It is the poem I should have read to my children (of course, "Soap the Oppressor" and "The Purple Cow" are a lot of fun).  It's got such a  lovely, simple message, and it is a beautiful way of expressing what I hope they learn about creating their own creed as they grow.

I love when I finally listen to those little, nagging urges that I feel and find unexpected and lovely treasures like this.  I'll leave you with the poem and my wish for you: may the little signs you've been ignoring be listened to today, and may they bring you some beautiful experience or knowledge to dazzle and delight you.

My Creed

I would be true, for there are those who trust me;
I would be pure, for there are those who care;
I would be strong, for there is much to suffer;
I would be brave, for there is much to dare.
I would be friend of all- the foe, the friendless;
I would be giving and forget the gift.
I would be humble, for I know my weakness;
I would look up- and laugh- and love- and lift.

- Howard Arnold Walter

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