Saturday, June 28, 2014

My closet is a Tardis- more lessons in dealing with clutter

I'm once again attempting to clean my closet (last year's work made it so I can attempt this, but ti's still really scary in there).  I've come to a conclusion about why my closet is never organized: it's really a Tardis and is bigger on the inside.  That's the only explanation for why it's always got new stuff falling out of it no matter how much I purge. It also explains how stuff I swore I threw away is still in there.  It can't possibly be my husband's Tetris skills translating into real world applications.  Nope, not at all.

I need to finish purging the unnecessary stuff from my life.  I started the process last summer, but I still need to let go of more stuff.  I still feel smothered by it all, and the energy doesn't flow nicely, which affects how I feel, which is the most important part of this purging process. I feel my stuff, and the feeling isn't good or healthy.

Stuff has an energy, or if you prefer, a gravity, to it. Too much stuff overwhelms us with its space eating, its needs, and its energy. Without consciously letting go of that energy, we can't make space in our lives for new things, new energies, new ideas. This leads us to stagnate and hold on to old, unhealthy energies.

As all magic starts with symbols and energetic place holders (i.e. the stuff we use to perform spells and rituals like incense, wands, and stones), we have to disconnect the power from the symbols around us when we need to change.  This is why purging our stuff needs to be filled with consciousness, so we can let it go and welcome new energies into our spaces.

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