Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dreaming and drumming

Last week, I began to try to settle back into a routine of meditating daily.  The school year will be done Friday; this means most of my PTA duties will be on hiatus until August, and the kids won't need to be shuttled back and forth to school.  I can spend a little time on myself.  Anyhow, back to what I was trying to tell you.  I had one of my most interesting visions to date.

I use guided meditations, classical music, and drumming recordings to help me meditate in an environment that is full of random noises like traffic or the woman upstairs pounding on the floor.  The drumming is a bit of a gamble.  Sometimes it helps me slip into an altered mental state quickly and easily, but other times it makes my head throb until I fall asleep.  When I use it for meditation, the visions are of a different nature than my usual.

The visions tend to focus on images dancers and animals in rocky landscapes rather than the forested valleys and ethereal beings that I tend to meet on my own.  This vision showed me many shamans wearing billowing animal capes that flowed behind them as they ran across the night sky.  A rocky landscape, that resembles the banded plateaus of the American Southwest with it's arches, and canyons held a deep blue night sky above it.  The stars were bright and unfamiliar, and there was no moon. Each of the figures was both man and animal, and glowed subtly from within.A bison, a jaguar (who I've seen before), a coyote, a raven, a hummingbird, a horse, and a rabbit streaked past me and bled into the night after I saw them.  Faster and faster they went, until I could no longer distinguish them from the landscape or each other, the way fog obscures all.

I don't know what any of this means, but it was a lovely and unusual vision.  I've found that the otherworldly landscapes are early indicators of change within me.  I look forward to see if this vision ever reveals it's message or if it becomes a symbol  for a new stage of my life.

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