Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Disappointment, anger, and moving forward

Monday night, my partner in agitating and I made a report to the governing board of our local school district regarding a change in fundraising for the district that we feel promotes equity and community. The governing board declined to take a stand, to do right by the students in the less privileged schools, and they allowed blatant falsehood to stand as truth.  I am disappointed in their lack of spine. I'm angry that we have wasted a phenomenal amount of time doing work that the governing board should rightfully have done, and I furious that a privileged few are allowed to have an education that is denied to students who are less economically advantaged.

I feel like I've wasted a phenomenal amount of time and energy on this process, which I felt was the most community oriented, civil way to tackle the situation.  I could have simply started calling watchdog groups, or writing letters to officials or actually rabble rousing, but instead, I played nice.  So add to anger I feel for the board and some over privileged parents, I am angry at myself for not following my gut and rocking the boat to begin with.

Anger is only useful when it is given direction and opportunity to transform from a useless and uncomfortable feeling to something creative and constructive.  Move forward rather than burning where you stand, and turn disappointment into something better.

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