Thursday, June 12, 2014

Change never stops

My kids and I play a silly game. They measure their growing hands and feet against mine, and I make a fuss about how big they are. Then I say, "Stop growing!" They laugh and laugh, and I speak at them before tickling them until they scream for mercy. For Aiden, who is now a six year old with a missing front tooth, the game doesn't end until he stop puts laughing and seriously reminds me " Growing is just part of life, Mommy."

I had to remind Gavin of that yesterday. He's heading to middle school in the fall, and he's scared and sad, and already missing the school he has attended for the last six years.  "Time to move on, to explore new horizons, and learn new things, baby," I told him as he cuddled up to me with his nose against mine.  

Change and growth never stops in life, as much as we sometimes want it to.  We can fight it, we can shape it, or we can simply trust that we can survive it.  How we deal with change is our choice alone, and once we remember that, it's an empowering thought that gives us control over the uncontrollable.

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