Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gifts of a garden

Today is a beautiful, warm day.  The temperature is pleasantly warm, and the breeze is sweetly cool.  The sky is a glowing blue.  My garden is green and healthy, and I am experiencing a rare moment of  peace in an unpleasant and chaotic week.  I am also embracing the gifts my garden gives me.

Gardening, for many people, is a sort of therapy.  I was skeptical about the idea that something so laborious could be healing, but I know understand. There is something satisfying about seeing something make the journey from seed to fruit or blossom.  It is also empowering to help coax and nurture growth under a bright sun, in dark, moist earth, and with clean, sparkling water.  Plants don't judge you, but they are excellent listeners. All these gifts make my tiny garden a place where I can relax, even when I'm doing something so mundane as watering, but there is one gift that I prize more than all the others.

I live in a neighborhood with many trees and many birds.  My garden is frequently visited by a number of different feathered friends, and they are my favorite part of the garden. Blue Jays, Juncos, and bright house finches with breasts painted red and gold visit every day. They sing their songs, hunt through my planters for fruit and insects and seeds (which can be very entertaining as they often throw the Per-lite from the potting soil on the ground in disgust when they discover that it's not a tasty seed), and flit form place to place.  Their color and energy and noise is so cheerful and fearless that I can't help but smile at them.  

A garden gives it's tender many gifts, but one of the best is the visitors it invites.  I hope you all get an opportunity to spend some time in a garden with all of it's beautiful and cheerful friends this weekend.

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