Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dragons can be slayed

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” 
― Neil Gaiman, paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton

Sometimes in life, we find that we need to be the person to stand up and doing something about what seems to be an insurmountable injustice, evil or idea.  There is only so much watching, waiting and educating yourself you can do before you realize that you are someone and that if you don't try, nobody around you is going to bother.  There are many monsters and dragons and giants to slay, many fights that need a champion. Some are huge undertakings that will take years. Others are a smaller scale, but that does not make them unworthy of your bravery. Doing something, no matter how small, towards making change requires courage and a heart that loves more than it fears.  You are a a brave knight, and you have all the makings of a hero because why else would you stand up and try to do what's right?

That first moment of bravery only takes you so far.  From that point on, you will need to remember the words of  Mignon McLaughlin, "The only courage that matters is that which gets you from one moment to the next."  Your journey through whatever dragon-slaying adventure you are on will not be a straight line. You will lose faith and see many pitfalls that surround you and threaten to trip you up. You will wish that you had kept quiet and anonymous, frequently. You will wonder what you are doing there. You will sweat and cry and rage and despair. You will take steps forward only to crash to ground after an unexpected setback. You will lose sleep.  These are all perfectly normal, and let's face it, your story would be dull and dry if you knew exactly what you were doing and how to do it.

Keep going.  Take joy in tiny victories. Look for other paths to your goal. Be open to possibility; the answer to every problem exists if only we are open enough and creative enough to find it or let it find us (and often it does). Find a partner. and stick together.  When you are doubting yourself, they can remind you that you are brave and strong and full of light, and of course, you can do the same for them.  Laugh at yourself, because it takes away the stings that other people will inflict.  Put on your armor when you must do battle, even if your armor consists only of lipstick and a good bra.  Choose your weapons and your words carefully because it is never fun to eat either.  Remember that most fights do not really require you to lay upon your sword.  Don't give more than you have to a petty skirmish.  If you fail in one quest, do not give up hope. You may just be the beginning of the movement.  Share your knowledge and passion. Set an example, and be truthful. Make your story worth telling.

Your courage can be so powerful. Being brave enough to try encourages others to speak up, to get involved, and to try to make change.  It's not easy to live this way day after day, but it is really no harder than seeing something wrong and allowing it to flourish.  Whatever dragon you are facing, whether it is big or small, it can be overcome.  You can find everything you need to do it.  Look back at every fairy tale you know, every epic you've read, each film you've seen, and see that all monsters can be beaten with enough cleverness, enough help, and enough courage.  Good luck, my friend, go forward with my blessings for your journey. May the lessons you learn stay with you forever. May your hopes be greater than your fears, and may you find yourself the hero of your own story.

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