Friday, March 14, 2014

Smashing things

I woke up in a mood this morning, and if I were a cartoon character, I'd have been smashing things with a very large mallet.  I will admit that this is not a healthy attitude, and it's really a less than productive mindset to be in.  It is, however, what I feel.

This month has been trying. Dramas, missed connections, muddled plans, and a whole host of new and annoying tasks to be dealt with got thrown into the works, and I have been scrambling to to deal with them. I also haven't slept well for more than a week.   My attitude hasn't been very nice.

I woke up the other day with a strong desire for a large wooden mallet, the sort you would see on Looney Tunes, to smash things with. Snapping, snarling and growling at the world around me was satisfying my crankiness, and I can't really allow myself to start smashing things because you never know when that will get out of hand, so I found a satisfying alternative: The Hulk.

I watched The Avengers. After seeing that many explosions and living vicariously through The Hulk, I felt better.  It's a strange coping strategy, but it works for me.  Sometimes, a little Bugs Bunny is just as satisfying.  The point is, we can't act on all of our fantasies when we are in our worst moods, but we can find ways to get through dark times without breaking anything or lashing out at other people.  Finding creative and satisfying ways to deal with dark emotions can keep us moving forward through our lives in a healthy fashion.

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