Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Equinox!

Today has been a busy day, and a great celebration of Spring.  I spent my morning chaperoning a a field trip to the local high school so that the high school students could interview the first graders and write a book about them.  In addition to it being a lot of fun on a beautiful day, I also got a lot done.  I educated some parents about some education issues, talked to a parent with a great idea for a program, and met some new families.  New things are blooming in the natural world and in my community.

I wish all of this magic into your life.  May this equinox bring a breath of new, fresh air, some warm sunshine, and the exuberant energy of new, growing things. May your dormant projects wake and find a way to thrive, and may you be blessed with hope, energy, and inspiration.  Happy Spring Equinox!

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