Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Conversations on the sidewalk

This has been a busy couple of weeks, and I've been without energy or time to write. This morning changed that.  I stopped to thank a volunteer for her efforts this morning, and it lead to a conversation with  another woman. this conversation was one of those I so needed.

She's an older mother with one daughter in college and another who is in fifth grade with my oldest son.  The conversation began with a stereotypical talk of graying hair and the fear of aging, but ti morphed into something so different.  We talked about the challenges of raising kids. We discussed community news and concerns, but we also connected in a way that I never expected.  She's like me, a creature over thinks and lives most her of her life in her head.  She cares too much about everything and doesn't know how to make the world better, but she desperately wants to.  She's a watcher and listener most of the time. Actually, she's probably a lot like who I'll be in fifteen years.

 Our conversation took nearly two and a half hours.  It roamed over financial difficulties and fears for our children's futures to moments of deep connection over those moments when you are heartbroken for someone you don't know. I even got teary eyed a couple of times, which may be hormones, but that's a different story. It's been a while since I had connected so deeply with anyone else, and it was so uplifting.

One thing that touched me deeply during our conversation was her appreciation of these random, beautiful, and unexpected moments of connection with the people around her, sometimes perfect strangers. In these times, we can see and feel and hear how very connected we are to everything and everyone, and that makes it a great deal harder to feel alone and adrift.  So, I wish you happy connections and brilliant moments of belonging with the people around you, even those you don't know. May you see something knew or feel touched by someone else's story, and you have the time to marvel out how wonderful it feels to be part of this world.

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