Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nothing's ever wrong here

Aiden's kindergarten teacher, who he had a meeting with this week, mentioned a comment he made to her, "I like this room. Nothing's ever wrong here."  She reminded him that's because in Kindergarten, "We're all just learning".  That exchange is pretty fascinating to me. Not only did he perceive the difference between Kindergarten and First Grade stakes, he remembered the comfort he had in his old classroom that made learning feel less risky.

That feeling is one that makes it easier to try new things.  We need those spaces, whether physical or mental or spiritual, to grow.  For me, that space is here. It try new things, I work out ideas, and I watch others.  There is very little risk here as I explore.

Search out the safe places in your world to use to learn and grow spiritually.  Try new things, explore, observe, rest.  Then, when you have a bit more confidence, go out in to the wider world and try out your new, shiny knowledge.

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