Friday, February 21, 2014


This week I've been contemplating divisions.  The world around us is carved up by borders, fences, boundaries, and lines drawn in the sand, and this isn't really a natural process.  Western society loves to cut things up and separate things.  We divide plants and animals into categories, then we divide those categories until we are left with individuals.  We take the world around us and cut into parcels. We divorce ideas from each other, and sometimes from reality, and try to pretend that life does not include a spectrum that destroys our black and white rubric.  We divide our communities; we divide our lives into segments.  Of course, none of these divisions are natural, but we live and die by them.

All of these divisions serve to fracture our reality. They make us feel disconnected, broken, and odd when we can't place ourselves on either side of a dividing line.  They also help keep us from coming together and making changes.  I'm seeing how divisions have helped keep change from coming to parts of our community.  The last two days have been amazing, and I'm meeting some of the most fascinating people in the process.  I'm finding another layer to my world, and I love when I do.

I spent yesterday and today talking to other volunteers who are working on creating change in our community, and I finding that our differences are very few. We are all working, from different sites, different backgrounds, and slightly different parts of the community to make our reality different. The division lines that have kept us from integrating into one community are blurring, and the shift from rigid, separate parts to a more holistic model is fascinating.  We cannot do away with all divisions, because society, at large isn't ready for it, but in small ways, it is possible to cross boundaries and start becoming something inclusive, something new, and something that can really be a new reality.

Look at the divisions in your life. Test the boundaries, and be open to seeing a bigger picture.  Not only might you be surprised to see a totally different reality, you might find a sense of connection and belonging that you hadn't had before.  I know it's scary and uncomfortable, but it is necessary to our spiritual growth, to building community, and to living lives that are both real and holistic.

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