Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Communications aren't always easy

After our little adventure at the Redwood forest, Heather and I had an odd energy encounter.  We both developed the same terrible, shifting headache that felt like something pushing it's way into our spaces. We had been doing very different things when the pain and nausea hit. I was entertaining my little one, who was getting a little bored. Heather was in front of the camera, talking. Even now, as I'm typing, it's coming back.  When the pain left, we noticed at the same time.

We both have a sense that something wanted our attention, and I feel as though we have a language barrier that is preventing communication. Heather and I both tried, repeatedly, to meditate on the experience, the energy, and even the place itself, but so far, we can get the point of almost being/hearing/feeling the energy we are interested in, but we can't quite cross the boundary line. We tried Faery cards. I think Heather's even tried a pendulum. We can't seem to connect in a way that works for both the energy and us.

Each time I try, I get a little more frustrated, but I learn something new. The meditations have given me some rough images that I am trying to process. The cards have given me a theme to examine. I've also learned that there are barriers to some types of communication in the Otherworlds.  So, as I am being foiled in my current attempts to figure out what the energy wants, I am also expanding my communication skills and looking for different ways to communicate.

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