Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The everchanging faces of dieties

It has been said that there is only one constant in life: change.  A mountain is weathered away by rain and wind and gravity into sand.  A creature is born, goes through it's life, dies, decays, and becomes the building blocks of  a new life.  Not one single thing that humans can observe stays static. Not stars, not subatomic particles, not us.

If everything changes, why do we humans assume that our deities don't? I've always thought that deities reflect us, reflect nature, and reflect what we could be.  I think that our gods, regardless of which ones we acknowledge or worship, are made up of us.  When we change, they change.  As one goddess said to me, "Everything changes.  Why wouldn't we?" So, as standards of beauty and strength and power and truth change, so must our deities. They are forgotten by humankind when they become irrelevant to our experiences.

The next time you see and odd or uncomfortable depiction of a god or goddess from a modern artist or mystic, remember that they are showing you their experience, and they may very well be showing you a change in process for that deity.

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