Saturday, January 11, 2014

Silence can hurt too

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who has nothing to say about what you're telling them about?  It's not a fun experience if you actually care what they think. At best, it's uncomfortable and unsatisfying, and at worst, it leaves you hurt in ways that even words can't wound you. During a fight, it can be wielded like a weapon that eventually breaks down our self worth and undermines our grasp of the situation by inviting doubt and fear.

In order for communication to occur, both parties must we willing to take part. Both sides must invest in the give and take of information. If one side doesn't, conversation becomes nothing more than the airing of grievances with little hope of change.

Silence can hurt us, whether it was intended to wound or not.  For the recipient of silence, it can be confusing, never knowing what the the response in the listeners thoughts was. Of course, that assumes that someone was listening, which is another way in which silence hurts.  While not all silence is intended to hurt, because sometimes there is nothing to say, it still often leaves a feeling that someone's views aren't important.  So, chose your moments of silence wisely, and remember that what is clear to you may being opaque to those around you.

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