Monday, January 13, 2014

Intuition and children

Six year olds are still young enough to see magic everywhere and,a t the same time, are learning to navigate the less magical parts of life with some confidence.  I get reminders of this regularly, but sometimes the reminder is more like a flashing neon sign in front of my face.

Yesterday, I remembered that Aiden had asked to use my Faery cards on Saturday; it got forgotten during the battle of will s that ultimately led to Aiden napping against his will (not to mention my husband and I, too so we could keep him in the bed). I like to keep my promises to the kids when at all possible, and this one was easily rectified.

Aiden flipped through the deck, asking, from time to time, for me to read him the name of a Faery. Some he knows and loves, like G. Hobyah, others are just fun to look at, like the Topsy Turvets. He tells me his impressions, points out details in the images, and generally admires the cards until he comes to one that he wants to learn more about. This time, he chose Mickle a Muckle.

Mickle a Muckle is a Faery of everyday blessings and those things we think of as mixed bags. He wants us to be in the here and now, and he understands that very little in life is all good or all bad.  He's the one who encourages us to take a moment, now, to play and enjoy life, because life is here, now , not tomorrow and not yesterday. He's a good Faery to partner with Aiden, because Aiden is very much a now being.

Exercising intuition, as children often remind us, isn't that hard. Pull out a deck of tarot cards or an oracle set, and pull something out randomly, or flip through like Aiden does, and trust whatever your very first thought on it is.  Chances are, you were right the first time, but not right with your second, third, or fourth thought. Pick up any object from Nature that crosses your path and ask yourself "How am I like this?"  The answer will surprise you, and with every repeat of this exercise, you will trust yourself a little more fully.

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