Sunday, January 26, 2014

Frodo and Samwise

A winter solstice gift of Lego's prompted some questions from the little guy about Gollum, so we watched all three Lord of the Rings films in the last week.  My husband and I sniffled through parts, as we tend to do, but there was a moment that I had forgotten that resonates right now.  Sam, near the very end of The Return of the King tells Frodo, "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you."

I think this is one of those moments that illustrates exactly why humans band together , form communities and alliances, and why we still value these things. We can't take on other people's burdens, not really. If we take the burden, it becomes ours and not theirs, but we can carry them while they bear the burden and spread the weight across a two backs instead of one.

For me, this means caring about poverty and inequality, even when it doesn't directly impact me. It means being a good friend when those around me are weighed down by the sorrows and troubles of their lives, even when I can't and shouldn't fix things for them. It's also a reminder that I should accept help when it's offered because I can't do it alone, anymore than Frodo could have.

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