Friday, January 10, 2014

Denial is a blanket fort

Do you ever sit down to do something and get interrupted, repeatedly?  That has been my entire week.  Sit down to eat and the phone rings, then I have to warm up the food again. Sit down to write and the computer wants to restart, then the phone rings, then an urgent e-mail comes in and needs to be dealt with right now.  Go out the door to pick up the kids, and remember that I left the lights on, then go back for the car keys.  I'm getting very little done.

I'm sure there is a lesson her for me about being more organized, picking and choosing my activities, and possibly about needing got make a doctor's appointment.  Of course, I'm trying not to let those thoughts sink in too much. If I acknowledge them, then I have to put effort into changing the behavior.

As Heather likes to remind me, Denial is a comfy place.  It's a place where we don't have to accept responsibility. It's a place where we aren't having problems, and certainly aren't causing any that might, possibly exist somewhere we don't want to think about. Denial is the emotional equivalent of making blanket fort, crawling inside, sticking our fingers in our ears and singing "La, La, La" at the top our lungs. It gets nothing done, except to annoy the people around us.

Now that I've had my selfish moment of denial, and my moment of clarity and emotional maturity, I've got to go get something, anything done, and draft a battle plan for combating my scattered energy.  See ya!

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