Friday, December 13, 2013


I have been absent here, and I apologize.  I've not been terrible inspired, and what thoughts I have aren't worth sharing.  Winter can be hard.  This one is strange, too.

Here in the San Francisco Bay area, we rarely see freezing temperatures and the recent blast of cold has made the entire region cold, cranky and confused.  Cars have to be de-iced each morning. Sprinkler systems are coating sidewalks in ice, and our flimsy heating systems are working overtime just to keep us at bearable, not comfortable temperatures.  The air quality is terrible due wood smoke burning, and a ban was issued a week ago against it.  We don't winter well here because we have no experience with it.

I've been keeping busy with menial tasks like organizing cabinets, dehydrating veggies, baking, and gift creation.  That is, when I'm not doing stuff for the PTA.  There aren't enough hours in a regular day, but winter days get dark so quickly that I am constantly losing track of time.  As the sun sets, I want my bed, regardless of it being 6 o'clock.  if I'm not doing something, anything, I'm in danger of falling asleep.

I 'm looking forward to solstice this year as a sign that even darkness and cold don't last forever. It is also the day we may find out if we are seeing another big change to our lives. In a few days, signs of light will be stronger, and we will be on our way to brighter, warmer days. Hopefully in more ways than the obvious.  In the mean time, I am trying to stay warm, to stay occupied, and to stay hopeful.

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