Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nightmares on purpose

My younger son is an interesting character. he's full of life and big personality packed into a little blond body with twinkling hazel eyes.  He never stops moving, he talks all the time, and everyone who knows him knows his magnetic charm and cheerful demeanor.  He's also tends to dealing with things with "head on" attitude.

He gets nightmares, lots of them.  This causes him to creep from his bed, in the dead of night, into mine and my husband's to sleep with us.  Given his perpetual motion, this isn't great for us.  after exploring my Faery cards (Brian Froud's Faery oracle), Aiden made friends with one the faeries.  G. Hobyah, a nightmare bringer and dweller in darkness, drew Aiden's attention, and when he found out what this faery's job was, he set out to  meet him.  According to Aiden, G. Hobyah is bringing him nightmares for a purpose: to make Aiden brave.

Aiden now assists G. Hobyah's quest by watching things on TV that scare him (mostly "Doctor Who", but also "Jack the Giant Slayer", recently). These give him nightmares, and he treats them like training sessions to improve his bravery.

One way to conquer our fears is to confront them on our terms.  By finding a way to hold onto some measure of control, we can put ourselves in better position to understand our fear and conquer it.  Being afraid is okay, but learning how not be is even better.  It never fails to amaze me that wisdom can come so unexpectedly from my children, but I'm really glad that they can teach me.

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