Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another lesson from fiction

In my reading this week, I came across this thought from Vera Nazarian's Cobweb Empire.  It seems appropriate. The first book in the series, Cobweb Bride is currently available for free as an amazon Kindle book.  

"What strange, dark times we live in..." Beltain mused.

"True indeed, Your Lordship. But if you ask me, every time seems strange and dark," Grial said,  "when you are living smack in the middle of it.  It's only much later, afterwards, once you have lived long enough to look back, that you can start to see both the bright colors and the dark spots properly- and sometimes you can see polka dots and clubs and diamonds and even hearts- and yes, a very common thing, you do get to see these pesky little string floaters in your eye! In any case, age is nothing more than the acquisition of Temporal perspective!  Oh, and rheumatism, too, I must add."

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