Friday, October 18, 2013

Seeing a new angle

Last night I had a meeting with two wonderful ladies about PTA business, but this meant I was downtown during a time in which I almost never am.  It was an experience to see how different this space is on a weekday evening.

Timing is everything.  When observing something, it can reveal or hide things from our attention.  Without the cheerful sunlight I'm used to on weekend trips to our downtown shopping district, I saw a different Walnut Creek.  Not having to dodge crowds or watch for traffic, made the evening a treat.  I saw a teenage couple holding hands as they skateboarded past.  The ballet studio on Main Street had a group of young women mastering spinning in place, and they looked like beautiful spinning tops with their hair flying around them.  I heard people talk of their dreams and plans and problems. I also noticed, for the first time in quite a while, the landscaping- hedges of rosemary on one corner; roses of many colors on another.  Under the full moon, pale flowers glowed unearthly against dark soil.  This place, that I have lived for years, was suddenly a new place.

To reveal the magic of familiar places, try observing them outside of when you would normally be there.  Sit on the ground or climb above to view your favorite locations from a different angle, you may see something magical and beautiful that you could never have noticed from where you typically stand.  Learning to be open to the magic of the world around us the most powerful way we can invite magic into our lives and the easiest.

Beach cliff near Fort Bragg, CA

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