Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peace and crisis

The last few days have been hectic.  PTA business, combined with helping my husband prep for a job interview on Saturday has left everything in chaos.  It's a times like this when I marvel at how differently we all handle crisis in our lives.

Some people shrivel and suffer during crisis.  They can't handle the strain and some don't even try. During peaceful times, these people thrive, blooming and growing, but the second the weather shifts, they are in danger. Other people shine when life gets tough. A crisis hits and their best self comes out and makes the most of bad situations.  They pull miracles out of thin air, and rally others to deal whatever needs to be done. Of course, between these two extremes are the rest of us who fall somewhere on the continuum.

In life, we need both sorts, those who during peace and calm can deal with the day to tasks of life, and we need those who can face disasters and crises with grace and strength. No one in life is unnecessary. 

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