Saturday, October 26, 2013

Invitations not to send

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My household has been abuzz with talk of ancestors lately. Between Samhain and Gav's heritage report (which was finished this week), we are very aware of our ancestors.  I've even been poking around archives and web forums looking for clues about the more mysterious parts of mine.  As such, I have a healthy trepidation about opening the door to some of them. I saw this invite on Facebook the other day, and it gave me a nasty, twisting feeling in my gut.  Some of my departed ancestors would be less welcome than the Bad Fairy was at Sleeping Beauty's christening.

That invitation at the top is not a good idea for my family.  Some of our fairly recent "dearly" departed were horrible, cruel people in life, so why would I welcome them with such a warm, open ended invite?  That's not good thinking, good parenting or good witchcraft.  Never invite known dangers into your home, because once there, they are difficult to fully remove.  This is even more true when dealing with those lacking corporeal selves; you can't ask local law enforcement to oust them.  Negative energies and entities can be very harmful and it is best to not give them an opening rather than trying to rid you life of them after they get a good foothold and really connect with your energy.

So, as you honor your ancestors on Samhain, as we will be doing for those beloved ones- not the loathed ancestors,  be careful who you invite, set boundaries, and be constantly vigilant about the energy being imbued into your life through these activities.  Those who love and we were loved from my family are always welcome, and do pop in form time to time; there help is greatly appreciated, but they would also be the first to kick my butt if I did something so careless as to invite those who have always been up to no good into my life now they are supposed to be gone, as well they should.


  1. I agree completely. I have pictures displayed, or at least think of those I'd love to attend. Others, not so much. Let's face it, many we do not know so basically to invite "all" you will also be inviting strangers. They say the dead live on as long as they are remembered, so the darker entities (albeit they ancestors) are best forgotten.

  2. Thanks, Aine! I'm glad someone else sees this as problematic. Happy Samhain!


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