Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hermes, protector of travellers

Hermes had long been the patron of travelers and wanderers. He is a good of spaces in between, a psychopomp, and a messenger. He is a creative destroyer of the established order when necessary.  He is an inventor. When I thought to ask a deity to watch over my son, he is the one who leaped to mind.  He can be difficult to work with, as he is fond of destroying illusions, but he is also a god who does not shy away from the between spaces of life.

My son is a traveler right now. Not only is he's physically away, he is also beginning his journey to manhood. His path is not yet clear and he it's uncertain of his direction most of the time. He is neither fully child not fully man right now. His growing independence wars with his desire for the comforts of childhood. He is between in all ways.  He is reaching an age where is own conclusions will be as important to shaping his character as any education or parenting my husband and I can offer.  It's an age when I need to let him learn things on his own. It's often as though he is away, in a place I cannot reach him.

So I ask Hermes to watch over him as he travels, to see and hear him when I cannot. May this quick witted god be protect, yet challenge his journey. I ask for the fire of creativity, of change to bless him with a new strength, new experience, and new knowledge, and I hope that Hermes will instruct my son that there is a time for the destruction of old ideas to make room for new ones. I ask this trickster god to help him learn to laugh at himself, because it is an important lesson for all of us, but most especially the very serious in nature.

Hermes might not be the most obvious patron for a young man, but he's god of many facets.  I think my son might be able to appreciate a god who doesn't mind mischief or being neither one thing or the other, especially at this point in his life. Don't you?

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