Thursday, October 31, 2013


My family has established that Halloween will be celebrated today and Samhain tomorrow. It makes a nice divide for the kids between the secular and cultural traditions their friends celebrate and what we do at home.  They will dress up in their cute costumes (a half grown Doctor Who and a Monty Python-esque knight) and they will take part in the Halloween parade at school and trick-or-treating in the evening.  Tomorrow, we will pack our offerings into the picnic basket and head to a cemetery for some time talking about and communicating with ancestors and beloved family members now gone.  Lucky for me, they have no school tomorrow, anyhow, but i have excused them from school the day after Halloween with a religious exemption int he past.

For each family, we all have to decide how and what we celebrate, how open we are with the people around us about our beliefs, and what we will and won't compromise on.  For many parts of our lives, this is a difficult decision, but for others, we simply find ways to be as true to ourselves as possible. For us, this means honoring our family beliefs as well as taking part in community festivities.  It leaves the children, so far, with a sense of having the best of both worlds.

I hope that for you and your families, tribes and circles, you find solutions that work as beautifully for you as ours do for us.  I wish you a Happy Samhain (Beltane if you are south of the Equator) full of magic, contemplation and wonderful experiences.

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