Friday, October 4, 2013

Green eggs and ham moments

With my older child away at science camp, the little guy has run of the house. This also means that meals are tailored to his food preferences, and we're eating things his brother doesn't care for (yes, they have to eat stuff they hate from time to time, but we also try to balance those meals with ones they love).  Yesterday, we had a "Green Eggs and Ham" moment, to be contrasted with a certain senator who failed to grasp the point of the story during his ridiculous 20 hour speech trying to prevent the nation from trying something new.

When the older child is here, he likes to interject his opinion into everything, sometimes that leads to irritating situations like when he convinces his brother not to try new stuff.  Sitting and munching on cashews, one of the few nuts I can eat without getting a rash, I convinced the little guy to try one.  He's resisted before because his brother tells him they are yucky. Turns out, he likes them.

Moral of the story, keep asking and offering, politely, until people try new things or give you a good reason why they won't. You never know when they will take a chance and find something new to love.

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