Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good timing

As many pagans I know are preparing their altars in honor of their ancestors.  It's October and this is the time to honor our dead, even if we don't believe in ancestor worship.  For my household, my great-grandmother and father-in-law are the big ones.  They were closest to our hearts, but there are others who are in our thoughts.

This month is also the month in which my fifth grader has his family heritage report to research.  Gav has chosen who he wants to research, and it's a good project.  Enough distance to be interesting to him, but also a well enough documented ancestor to avoid too much frustration.  There are maps and pictures and documents to examine, even if we can't visit the site due to distance and the current closure of National Park sites.  There's even a bit of scandal to talk about.  This assignment comes at a great time.

Sometimes the stars align overhead and the time to do something is simply right.  Today, we are going to look into our past as a family and learn about where we came from (and where we don't want to go back to).  It's a time in which we can look at our identity and accept or reject what we find, to rank our past's importance, and to honor or reject those we find. It also allows us to talk about what lives were like in the past, to take measure of how far we have come, the distance we have traveled from our roots, and who we are connected to.

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