Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Did you miss me?

My PTA-ing got out of hand last week. a problem came to a head, stole my time, and caused a great deal of stress.  Now that I've marshaled the troops, divided up tasks, and set some boundaries, I think things might be manageable. Hopefully, after tomorrow, I will be able to return to writing.  This week, the first of Mercury retrograde has kicked my butt, and I need a minute to lick my wounds, gather my thoughts, and take a breath.

I'm learning about myself, and on one hand I'm excited about what I see, and on the other, I feel overwhelmed by what I still need to work on.  Mercury has dredged up old behaviors, namely my temper and impatience with people who can't or won't get with the program, and it has revealed a lot of past instability that is currently influencing the future (not just in my personal life, but also in other places).  I have the opportunity to start changing some of these, but it will be a long and difficult task.  Of course, revealing things like this is the perfect opportunity to look for solutions; that is always something positive to think about.

I hope you are all having a great week, and that Mercury retrograde has brought you something interesting and not frustrating.  With a  bit of luck and maybe some offerings to the gods, I can resume regular pasting next week.

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