Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back into the cauldron

From time to time, those of us in the cauldron of change must climb out and try out or new selves. We walk around, admiring the newness and testing for flaws.  If our new self is good, we accept it as our own and continue our journey.  Me, I'm climbing back in to the cauldron because I'm not changed enough. I feel between, and it's not useful anymore.

Heat and pressure and motion and magic- that is what the cauldron is full of.  It is a space that is both real and otherworldly, and sometimes, we don't notice that we are inside while transformation is occurring. To be the object of transformation is to be stripped of parts of yourself, not always permanently, and to be tested, remodeled and tempered through a variety of strange, yet effective methods.  The fire of our passions, the pressure of situations, the heat of battles big and small, the abrasive moments of life that we find ourselves in, the chaos of being neither one thing nor another, and the magic of simply allowing change to happen are all tools of transformation.  At the core of the transformation is our core, that piece of who we are that is pure and true.  Successful transformation reveal this core, expands it to encompass all that we are and choose to be.  Unsuccessful or incomplete transformation leaves us unbalanced and awkward, long after the newness fades.

If you are in the midst of transforming, don't be afraid to try out the new, to jump back into the cauldron if you are not yet who you want  to be, and don't allow time to be the only measuring stick you use to judge your evolution.  Only you can know when you have finished the process of transformation, but when you do, you will know without a doubt.

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