Monday, September 30, 2013


Many of us carry around talismans. These are often small, somewhat inconspicuous objects that we use to protect ourselves, remember things, or attract energies.  They are as varied in purpose and appearance as we are.

My son left for a week of outdoor education camp today.  In his pocket he carried a bright bit of agate to remind him that I love him.  He was clutching it in his hand when I left this morning.  This little bit of me, as it came from one of my numerous stashes of rocks and twigs and shells, made him feel better.  It had no purpose, no real magic of it's own until I handed it to him.

What talismans do you carry?  What do they mean to you?  Whatever the answer to those questions, you can embrace the fact that you created a bit of magic by giving those objects a meaning, a purpose, and each time you carry them, wear them, or think about them, you are further reinforcing your intention.

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