Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stitching things together

Have you ever really looked at something that has been sewn together? It's one of the most amazing technological innovations humans have come up with, but it's also so common that we don't think about it much.  A thin, seemingly fragile thread can hold two pieces of fabric together and allow that fabric to be worn or used in different ways while adding only slight substance.  Each stitch seems insignificant, but they are all important.

Stitching up our communities is very similar.  It starts with fragile threads that tie people together, but the more stitched, connections, that are added, the stronger the bond.  I am connected to these people, and they are connected to other people, and through those connections, we are ultimately, tied to each other even when we've never met.

I'm learning a lot about stitching things together lately.  I've been sewing things for my home, like pads for mop, but I'm learning how to stitch my community together, too. It's not about big gestures or even a coherent plan. It's in forming connections to individuals and encouraging them to share and expand their connections as well. The more frequent and strong er these connections become, the more holistic and complete our communities become.

I hope as you move through your life, you are making connections and sharing them as well. Through them, you are reaching outside your comfort zone, outside your imagined sphere and making a community. That's important, creative, and brave work to be undertaking!

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