Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preparing for the full moon

Full moons are times of great energy, of completeness, and those are wonderful, magical properties to embrace when you know exactly what you want.  When you don't, the full moon is a little daunting.  Sometimes, I know exactly what I need in my life, and I embrace the full moon energy as a way to keep momentum or start momentum.  Right now, I'm a little less certain of what I need or even want.

Right now, in the days and nights leading up to Harvest Moon, I am searching for clues.  If you are int he same boat, you may understand that this is a task requiring a certain level of bravery: it's not easy to ask for help, especially from the Universe or Otherworlds, if you feel directionless.  If you've had vivid dreams in the last week, you might start there. Have you had unusual animal visitors to your garden?  Maybe they are messengers.  Pull out the runes, tarot cards, oracle cards, or pendulum and ask for a sign.  Meditate.  Pray. One of these is likely to yield an answer that helps you find your way, but do be warned, if you ask all of these energies for help, you might get conflicting messages or silence (especially if you've ignored a clear message).

Magic and energy work are best used when you have a clear outcome in mind (but not a clear path).  Finding what you need is more important than actually every performing any spell, ritual or rite.  This month's full moon is an excellent time to harvest this year's ripened energy and to lay the foundation for whatever needs to come next in your life.

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