Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mommy's a witch

My little guy is at the age where he's trying to separate real from fantasy.  When we watch a movie or T.V. show, he often asks, "Is this real?" It's a tricky stage of life, and one in which parents and caregivers must encourage imagination, belief in ideas, and the formation of a mental system to sort the world.  What is and isn't real is often a matter of opinion when it comes to ideas, energy work, otherworldly beings, and the concept of truth.  Daddy dreads these questions, and I tend to simply ask him what he thinks before making it a conversation. Occasionally, that doesn't work and I end up having to give a straight answer to a very thorny question.

Yesterday, the topic of witchcraft came up.  It's a hard topic, even for me to deal with.  Yes, I call myself a witch, but he sees Sabrina the Teenage Witch as the embodiment of the idea.  Yes, we believe in magic, but it's subtle and slow.  It's all around us, and very rarely do we create it without help. Faeries exist for us, and world is full of messages for those who would hear them.

We made a little magic last night together.  After cleaning the boys' room and making the beds properly.  I helped him gather his protectors, those stuffed animal friends who are happy to keep nightmares away from him while he sleeps.  Daddy hung his new nightmare eating dragon from the ceiling, and I mixed bergamot (uplifitng thoughts), sweet orange (happiness), and peppermint (protection) oils with some water in a spray bottle.  This nightmare repellent was spritzed on the bed and jammies.  He slept well, with no nightmares, and was so cheerful this morning that I couldn't believe it.

So, this morning he's convinced that Mommy is a witch, and now he understands that magic isn't finger snapping or nose twitching.  He learned a bit about herbs and more about psychology (though he won't know that bit for a while), and he's better prepared to face the world because he knows that magic exists in many forms.  I'm sure that a time will come when he reassesses his beliefs, but for today, I'm happy with the outcome.

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