Friday, September 6, 2013

Look before you leap

As the drums of war are being sounded again, I want to urge everyone to do some soul searching and investigation for themselves before contacting their Congresspeople to register their opinion on the subject of military intervention in Syria.  The facts are not all in, and if you look beyond the American main stream media (ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, FOX and all their affiliates as well as the major newspapers), there are a number of reasons to be suspicious. I'm not telling you how to think, I want you to understand that it's good to have questions, to be conflicted, and to have not made up your mind about the issue, because it's murky.

War is not a good answer to anything.  The few who benefit form it, profit handsomely, but the rest of the world suffers.  People suffer, and in modern warfare, there are many bystanders who, struggling to survive, will be collateral damage. Animals suffer, ecologies suffer, economies suffer, and even the very ground it is fought on suffers. War takes generations to heal from, and while a nation's resources are being mobilized towards military endeavors, you must always ask, which other parts of a nation have just be starved of resources.  We must understand that wars, won or lost, will continue to influence ideologies for decades, possibly even centuries.

So, gather your facts. Search your heart and raise your voice.

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