Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Illness and bad behavior

Oh, the joys of cold and flu season, will they never cease?  My house is full of runny noses, sore throats, husky voices, and coughs.  The sickly season has begun early this year.  There are many different ways in which people deal with illness.  Some of these behaviors are healthy, some are silly, and we all drive each other crazy with them.  We also tend to forget the lessons learned during the previous time of sickness.

My husband lumbers about like he's dying, at least when he's home.  He wants to sleep constantly, which would be more note worthy if that wasn't what he wanted to do with any free time he has.  He refuses to take medication, showers or even a cup of tea until his misery is overwhelming to everyone else.  At 6'4" and 200 lbs, he's a giant who is unsteady on his feet and putting off so much heat you could heat a small house. Gavin, at age ten, is a whiner. He whines about every ache, every drip until he's sent to bed to preserve everyone's sanity. Sure, he'll drink tea and take medicine, but he won't do anything for himself.  I spend most of his sick time playing waitress.  Aiden, is pretty proactive about being sick.  When his sinuses bother him, he asks for saline and a tissue.  If he's tired, he goes to sleep.  If he's cold he wraps up in a blanket (he's an expert at turning himself and blankie into a very large burrito).  He's open to trying anything that might make him feel better faster.  Me, I'm a grouch.  I typically don't get sick days. I still drag myself out of bed and get kids ready for school, schlep them off to the class, and then go home to drop into what sleep I can get before beginning the afternoon childcare.  I do it through a daze of pain, muddled thought processes and cold medicine while generally baring my fangs at anything that crosses my path.  Of course, I tend to be the last one in the house to catch a virus, so I start out tired, get sick, and never really catch up on anything until weeks later.

After the virus has run it's course, however long that takes, there are many things to apologize for in our house.  Then, of courses, there is all the catch up work that needs done.  After each virus, I promise myself that I will stock up on tea, buy more saline, buy hankies that can be washed (do you know how much Kleenex a sick family can go through? It's disgusting!), and make some herb honeys.  Then those good intentions tend to get lost in the days of trying to get everything back to normal.  One of these days, I'll learn.

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