Monday, September 23, 2013

Extended celebrations

It's not typical for solstices and equinoxes to fall on dates that are convient for celebration.  This is what happens when an artificial calendar takes precedence over the natural rhythm of life.  We work around these inconveniences, though, and make the most of what we have.  Since the Equinox fell over the weekend, my family had an extended celebration.

I spent Saturday morning dragging my family around to make preparations for our feast.  It was pouring buckets, and my errands got a bit soggy.  A nice nap, complete with open windows to better hear the rain in the garden, and we were up and getting ready for the evening's festivities. Saturday night, we laid out the china and silver and decorated the table with candles and fruit.  I made chicken pot pie and made bittersweet chocolate ganache to pour over the store bought cheesecake.  We had cider and beer, and spent a long time lingering over our meal.  My kids get very excited by these feasts, and they love to help set the table with all the celebration tableware and to eat by candlelight.

Sunday morning, we continued by eating breakfast of toast (we have an unusual and intense love of toast in our house), eggs, tomatoes (sadly, it will soon be difficult to find the deep red and green tomatoes that I love so much), and bacon.  The fruit decorations from the night before became part of our breakfasts.  After breakfast, we spent some time at the Danville Concourse D'Elegance which was a fund raiser for Parkinson's research. The weather was surprisingly mild after Saturday's storm.

I know that not all my celebrations will be as easy to stretch out as this equinox, but I hope to spend a bit more time celebrating in the year ahead.  The children have already requested a large Samhain feast, and to help pull out the decorations.  After that, it won't be long until Winter Solstice, which is typically my favorite holiday to celebrate.  Ti's the day after a celebration that I truly see how we are creating our family
traditions, and how my children will learn what makes a holiday.

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