Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear baby

This evening, my family welcomed another member.  My nephew, Paxton, was born a bit early (he, like his father, is impatient).  

Dear baby,

We have been waiting for you, and it is so exciting that you are now here!  You are being born into an interesting time of an interesting world, in which the future is full of incredible possibility. We don't know what the world will look like when you reach my age or the age of your parents.

Your life, like everyone else's, will be full of experiences, relationships, and opportunities to create yourself and the future.  I hope that you embrace all of these with passion, a thirst for knowledge, and most importantly, your father's ability to see the absurdity of the world and to laugh at it.  Seneca, a Roman philosopher, once said, "It is more human to laugh at life than to lament it."  Your daddy has understood that since he was small.

I hope you understand that you have been born into a family of complicated characters and circumstances, but it is also a family that loves you.  Distance, both physical and mental, separate us, but that does not mean you are far from our hearts.  We may not see each other often, but I think about you, and your other cousins often.

As you learn and grow and fight to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be, I hope you come to understand my wishes for you.  I will not wish you fame or fortune or success, as those are not, in my experience, the best gifts to give anyone.  My wishes are for you to learn with, grace and swiftness, some of the life lessons I have learned that make life easier.

  • We are all born into circumstances we had no part of creating, but we always have a choice in how we deal with our circumstance. I wish you the ability to make wise choices.
  • I wish for you the ability to know which dreams are worth chasing and the strength to do so.
  • I wish for you the a gift for letting go.  Holding on to past hurts is common and difficult to unlearn.  It is an uncommon person who can both hold onto the lessons learned through experience and still let go of the pain.
  • We all make mistakes.  I wish for you the ability to accept this truth, to move on after making a mistake,  and make the most of each of your mistakes.
  • I wish for you a love of peace.  Your name means "peace' and I hope you were it as a talisman against strife.There are things worth fighting for in this world and I hope you always find the strength to fight for you believe in but also the knowledge of when peaceful diplomacy is a better option.
Welcome to the world little one!  Your journey is just beginning, and it will be amazing.  I love you and can't wait to get to know you.

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