Thursday, September 26, 2013

A hinged head

Do you ever wish that your head had hinges to allow you to open it up and empty it or pull things out to show people?  I've always thought I needed an easier way to share my thoughts, especially the images I see.  It would save time and energy and confusion.

There are so many things that I would love to reach in and pull out to show you all.  Some are pretty memories, especially of some beautiful places in the world, or strange moments when I see the world through a very different lens.  Others are scenes I've created in my head; there are visions I would love to be able to let you experience rather than just read about.  How about the girl dressed in briers and brambles?  She is rather spectacular.  I'd love to show my husband exactly how I want to decorate our bedroom, and there are moments from my past that I'd love for my children to see.

Of course, opening our heads and being able to take things out would have other uses.  Bad memories could be gone forever, but that would leave blank spots.  Those nagging thoughts that convince us we aren't worthy or able could disappear just like magic, but then we'd miss out on the conquering of them.  We could unmake our minds, and that would be both an amazing tool for transformation and a potential disaster all at once.

If you could reach inside yourself and share your thoughts in their completeness, what would you share? What would hope to see from other people's minds?  Would you rather weed the garden of your mind?  I'm more comfortable with sharing what's in my head than getting rid of things, even ugly memories and sinister whispers.

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