Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wishes for babies

At Target recently, I saw a cute idea for a baby shower game.  It was a card printed with unfinished statements like "I hope you learn..." for guests to offer the new baby.  For my new nephew, who is still busy baking until October, I created something similar.  It's got me thinking, though, what do I wish for the next generation?

I hope that my children and nieces and nephews understand that knowledge is power.  It's not necessarily the power over others, but it is power over our lives.  I hope they learn all they can about this world, because it is amazing and full of mysteries.  I want them to understand that love comes in many forms.  There are so many things that a child needs in terms of ideas and learning opportunities, and I hope that they all get a chance to have those.  I hope they know that bravest thing you can do is to be yourself.

I have so many wishes for the children in my life that I can't put into words yet.  What do you wish for the children of tomorrow?

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