Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sigh of relief after being outside my comfort zone

This past week has been very public. I've been working on PTA events since last Saturday.  I'm feeling a little proud of myself for spending so much time outside my comfort zone. I held my first Executive Board meeting, and got some really nice feedback on it.  Then, I survived our school's registration day on Thursday, as well as a bit of public speaking (that's huge for me, since I am rather scared of it).  Saturday, I attended a meet and greet for the new kindergarten families (which was graciously hosted by a lovely woman who did an awesome job of making new families feel welcome).

Getting outside our comfort zone helps us grow.  It flexes our muscles and ultimately, it makes us stronger, despite the uncomfortable feelings that come with it.  As I'm gearing up for a year in which there will be many opportunities to stretch myself a bit farther, I'm choosing to take this as a opportunity to embrace a little fear and tame it.  Facing our fears, even if it's done in baby steps, is a crucial step to having a richer, more rewarding life.  I hope you get a chance to try it.

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