Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More strange dreams

Last night I dreamed of blood on the sand, people burning corpses they didn't want to see, and a man missing most of his flesh and sunbathing.  It was an odd set of images, even for me, and they are a little uncomfortable. I see some of their purpose, but I hesitate to embrace them.  Most of us have dream images that are typical to us,  I dream about meadows and mountains, people and cities.  Beaches aren't really my thing, but they are now part of me because I changed.

Where once plants were mere background, they are now actors on the stage of my unconscious. Gardens and specific types of flowers are bold symbols.  I dream rarely about people I know and frequently of generic placeholder people.  It think this may correspond to feelings of not knowing many people well, even family members.  I dream about cars, where once I dreamed of livestock.  And now, the ocean and beaches are figuring more prominently in my dreams.  Bright daylight has pushed aside images of twilight and night time, and there is no hiding from the glare.

As our worlds, both inner and outer change, we begin to process the messages from ourselves differently.  As we need stronger images and more important communications, we grasp new ideas, new motifs to make this communication more efficient.  If your dreams begin to change, look to new ideas and situations in waking life to interpret the connections.  You are likely to find that these symbols are obvious.

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