Saturday, August 24, 2013

Incredible hearts

I have spent most of this week working with one woman as we prepared for and then pulled off an event for the school.  She worried about the best ways to help families navigate registration. She's smoothed over hurt feelings and ruffled feathers, and she ran around all day yesterday. I am incredibly grateful to her for her time, her energy, and her commitment to the students at our school.  Then, after the event was over, she e-mailed me the next day with an idea for dealing with an issue I had worried about.  I was floored.

Then, I forwarded her idea to a few other people to get their opinions (I think the idea is fantastic, but other people might have reservations), and I got floored again.  Another person had a great idea she need some information to move ahead on.  She'd been at the event, working, the night before, too, and she'd been dealing with some personality conflicts that were shaking up her volunteer sign-ups.

I am awed by these women, and by all people like them.  They give their time and energy to support causes they believe in. They get involved, and they keep giving.  They work for the betterment of an entire community, and rarely, do they receive the accolades they should get.  People like this are true heroes to me.

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