Saturday, August 31, 2013

Garden surprises

My little container garden is magic.  I plant stuff and it goes through it's life cycle, bring color and life to space.  From time to time, it gives me a gift I didn't expect, an old friend comes back.

In one little pot, I found a new bloom. One I didn't plant this year or even last year.  It's a flower from several years previous, and it's decided to show it's coral face to me.  I hadn't noticed it under the greenery of the snail vine and the shade of the columbines (another gift from past seasons) already growing in the pot until yesterday.  In another pot, the Australian violets are making a comeback, and the basket full of mint is continually reseeding.

I love to see old friends, especially those that live in the garden.  They bring with them sweet memories and fun surprises to brighten my day.  I never know who or when they will appear, but that is half the fun.

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