Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dreaming about cars

I dreamed last night of a pearl white Lotus Elise (my dream car) and a strange, tall, blonde woman (named Shadow) who needed it repaired.  I was outside the shop where my husband works (but not the actual one he works at- all the same people though- but with a food court).  Somehow, I got stuck watching our kids, the boss's kid, a few of my sons' friends, and my husband's cousin at the shop.  Colin and the guys were all out on test drives or picking up parts, and I was left alone with kids and clients.  This woman wanted her car fixed, and I was convincing her to wait to meet my husband rather than take it back to the dealership.

It was a strange dream, and I'd blame the sleeping pills, but I usually don't remember my dreams when I take them.  Too much of the dream was blatantly referring to my life (just shy of big neon signs).  The car is both something I really want and a symbol of what we need (as in to get my husband's clientele back in touch with him, which is slowly happening).  The woman, as evidenced by her name, is my shadow; I don't like to admit it, but there is a part of me that is superficial and could be shallow and manipulative.  The kids are all my fear. I'm really afraid of having my entire life and personality being swallowed up by being a wife and mother.  And the shop, well, it represents where we are and what we need to see done.  The cousin, well that represents the extended families- weird, sometimes inconvenient, and a little frustrating.  In the dream, they showed up without warning (God, I hope that isn't a premonition, as I don't have time for a visit right now, unless it's from Heather- she does dishes and makes kids behave).  My brain has now, officially betrayed me.  I'm dreaming about automotive repairs and cars.

I used to dream about landscapes and interesting creatures. Now I dream about kids and cars.  Growing up is no fun, especially when the symbolism of your psyche gets mundane.

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