Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Accountability and reward- or getting things done

As you know, Heather and I have some weird ideas when we put our minds together.  Some of these ideas turn into adventures, others simply amuse us.  We had one yesterday that is both silly and useful.  It's a theme that's come up more than once this summer: accountability.  We both have a tendency to procrastinate about task we dislike. Al little accountability and we're good.

It started a few weeks back when she texted a picture of her table that needed to be cleared.  I felt guilty and cleaned mine, too.  Now we're taking it a little farther.  Thursday is to be our Triumph Thursday.  I have public speaking to do, and she has an unpleasant government related activity to complete.  Both must be dealt with.  We have agreed to suffer through our Thursday and to celebrate together, over the phone, afterward.

You do what you have to get your stuff done.  No matter how silly or weird.  If you need accountability to finish your tasks, make some.  If you need rewards, do that.  We're more successful when we know ourselves and play to our strengths, recognizing, but not caving in to, our weaknesses.

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