Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A sleepless night, and email, and some support

The whole PTA president thing is a lot of work, mentally and emotionally.  We're six days from our first Board meeting and eight from the first event of the year.  My email box is on fire, and yesterday, I read and responded to 45 e-mails about PTA business alone, plus one very angry and slightly hurtful phone call.  I was actually feeling really excited about all the business being taken care of via e-mail. Things were clicking into place, and that was really cool.  Then the phone call came, and not only did I feel like I was being yelled at for playing by the rules, but it got personal.  The caller's feelings were hurt, and I feel bad that they were hurting, but it wasn't my fault.

I was so upset by this that it derailed my cleaning, which had been going so well, and it caused me to get a little light headed from being that upset.  Neither of those can be blamed on the caller, since I had the choice to let this bother me to the extent it did. I ranted to my mom. I ranted to my husband. I sent a couple of emails asking for guidance and I had a drink.  I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't let go. I kept replaying ways I could have reacted differently, ways I could "fix" the situation.  Finally, I got out of bed and watched the meteor shower.  I whispered my gratitude to the sky, and went back to bed.

A little calmer, a little lighter, I finally got to sleep.  This morning, things were a little better.  An e-mail with some sympathy and some guidance helped me choose a path.  Then I sent and apology to the upset person, a thank you to my adviser (who also told me how lucky she feels to work with me), and funny quote about apologies from John Barrowman (aren't coincidences fun?), and I am ready to tackle the day.

There's several lessons I take away from all of this.  First, I have the choice to let little things hurt me.  Even if they hurt me, I can choose my reaction to them.  I also learned that I approached my recovery backwards; I probably should have started with the deep breath and quiet moment in nature and ended with the rant if it was still needed.  Third, it's really important to appreciate people's efforts, and that a little emotional support goes a long way.

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