Monday, July 1, 2013


It is hot here.  Really hot, and that's hard for me to deal with. I hate being hot.  It keeps me from sleeping. It keeps me from eating, and it makes me melt into a pile of slime.  On top of the heat, I've been organizing, another deplorable situation.  I'm tired and sweaty, and I've found that it's not easy trying to rearrange things when your giant of a husband has placed them above your head, but is currently unable to lift them down.   Gggrrrr!

Taking a deep breath and letting it go.  The heat makes me cranky, but there is nothing I can do about how hot it is. I know this.  My limited a/c unit will keep the living room from becoming any hotter that 80, but that's about it.  I can drink lots of ice water, and close the blinds to keep out some of the solar load.  I just have to make it until Thursday (My new mantra).  The housework, regardless of how icky, sticky hot it is, must be dealt with. Those piles of paperwork and laundry won't go away on their own.  So, I'm doubling up on the yucky, and putting my tow least favorite things together to get them over with.

Sometimes, when faced with situations that make us cringe, all we can do is prep ourselves to be unhappy for a short period and get on with dealing.  Unpleasantness doesn't leave on its own, we have to help it along, whether that help is sitting patiently through hours of discomfort, rolling up our sleeves and doing some dirty work, or saying what needs to be said.  After all that, then we can move on and make up for that unpleasantness with a little celebration.

I hope all of you are coping with the weather, whatever it happens to be in your area, and that Mercury retrograde is bringing productive chaos, rather that the other sort.

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