Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healing happens when you aren't watching

Months ago, my husband pinched a nerve in his back.  The pain crept up on him until he was really unable to move.  Now, after weeks of traction and physical therapy, he's healing.  I was despairing of ever seeing him be normal again, and I was frustrated with the extra weight of dealing with all the housework, his nasty mood, and children disappointed that Daddy couldn't play with them.  Then, one day, I noticed that he hadn't limped home from work for a couple of days. He'd walked through the door and behaved like a normal person. He's getting better!

There are still days when he hurts, when mobility is limited, when my patience has worn through, but they are getting farther apart.  While we were all busy coping and trying not to lash out at each other, his back began to heal.  Most of us have experience with this sort of healing, the physical kind, but healing emotionally happens in the same way.  Slowly, through perseverance and a determination to move on.  One day, we wake up and realize that all those exercises, all that work and pain, has left us stronger, more complete, and happier.

There are few miraculous recoveries from any injury.  It takes time, and often some help and exercise, to recover.  While in the midst of healing, it's hard to see any end in sight, but eventually, the pain eases and we start being whole again.

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