Saturday, June 22, 2013

The sweetest revenge

My brother is expecting his first child in a couple of months.  This brings tears of joy to my eyes, for more than one reason.  I'm happy for him, especially since he is over the moon about it, but I'm also waiting for a little revenge against the overly cute, annoying creature he was as a child.  He has no idea what is about to hit him. Mwahahahahaha!

All those purposefully annoying things he used to do as a child are about to revisit him from a different perspective, and the show will fun to watch.  My brother used to "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" (This is a pretty accurate depiction of my brother) my mom to death (okay, he still does this occasionally), and being the baby he was allowed to get away with things like calling my mom from the upstairs phone to bring him a snack because he was too lazy to walk down the stairs. Strangely, by then, I think my mom must have lost her marbles because she sometimes would do it.  He announced things like, "When I die, I want to be reincarnated as a Stop sign so I can rearrange myself and mess with people" and "God's a woman and she hates me!" He ate chocolate frozen yogurt with gummy worms on it to make me queasy, and he spent a lot  of my teenage years batting his big blue eyes at me and saying "Sissy" to get me to do what he wanted.  He used my boyfirends as jungle gyms (my poor husband got bounced off the trampoline by the little imp). When I had kids, he delighted in sending noisy presents, and I have never forgotten this.

As a parent, I can tell you that my past self is revisiting me in the guise of two little boys who drive me mad.  I can only hope that my mother's curse of "I hope you have children just like you one day!" is as potent and accurate for my brother as for me.  I, of course, have my own revenge to heap on.  As the older sister, as the aunty, I get to do things like sent noisy toys that can't be turned off, lollipops as big as the baby's head, and introduce them to stories of his daddy's annoying behavior.  I can't wait!  Revenge is sweet, and as this dish is pretty cold, I'm sure it'll be very sweet.

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